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Conservation & Sustainability

ICV is 100% committed with open transparency throughout our supply chain from the shing vessel to canneries and brand owners alike.

ICV has through practicing ethical business solutions earned the trust and loyalty of our suppliers who share in a common vision. Being a limited resource, the tuna industry is trending towards sustainability and ICV Africa commits to Pole and Line caught tuna which has been scientifically proven to be the most sustainable catching method of free schooling tuna. For this reason, ICV Africa has advanced vessel owners within the Pole and Line Industry in Southern Africa.

ICV’s shareholders have made large strides towards this common goal in that their vessels supply FAD (Fish Aggregating Devices) free catches and actively target free schooling tuna only. Albeit at higher operating costs this is a necessary step in the right direction towards being an environmentally responsible concern throughout.
Our commitment to our suppliers and buyers alike reiterate our dedication to these causes for sustainability and global conservation of our resources and seek to work only with those concerns that are environmentally responsible and adhere to the applicable rules of shing as set out and governed by the Regional Fishery Management Organization (RFMO) and Fishery Authorities alike.

Whilst some companies may claim they support environmental and sustainable efforts, ICV is proudly and actively affiliated with Friend of the Sea and Earth Island Institute and has recently undergone our entire audit by an individually appointed independent auditor.

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